Key Holder

Key Holder

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Put your keys in a compact and easily accessible place. No more pocket jabbing or stumbling to get the right key. You fold them in and they stay there until you need them.

This keyholder was designed by me and is one of the most popular 3D printing items in the world. Thousands of people swear by their Proteus Keyholder every day and you will too. It is simple, versatile, strong, and will keep your keys from wearing out. I personally have been using mine for over 4 years and it hasn’t worn out.

If there are other colors that you would like please feel free to contact me or write a note on your purchase. I can not guarantee that I will have colors beyond what is listed.


Measure you keys first. A standard house or mailbox key should be around 2in/5cm or less.

Pick the holder size that is closest to your key size.

Regular: Keys around or less than 2in/5cm

Large: Keys that around 2.5in/6.5cm

Extra Large: Keys larger than 3+in/7.5cm

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