Darth Vader's Wearable Suit

Darth Vader's Wearable Suit

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This is one of the most epic and jealousy educing mantle pieces that you will ever buy. Each order is hand made by me which makes this a rare purchase. Prices will go up once I complete the instruction sets so get your order in now.

An unprecedented project for the 3D printing world and you could be a part of it. Please allow me to communicate with you on the progress of your order. All online quantities are replenished when previous orders are completed.

This is purely my design which has taken a year of 3D design work and physical testing. Looking at images from movies and other sources I have designed this suit to be fully wearable while also looking absolutely lifelike. There are details and intricacies that you will not find on any movie prop, making this my own artistic interpretation. It is not designed after any of the star wars movies and is instead meant to be of my own artistic interpretation of what I see in Darth Vader.

You can choose one of three options (Helmet, Upper Body, and Full Suit) and all are customizable to your body. All 3 options will come with a display stand that is also custom made for your order.



Helmet: This is the main focus of his persona and a great table top piece of art. The helmet comes in 3 parts and is fully wearable. Rare earth magnets are used to hold all sections together. The lenses are heavily tinted making it almost impossible to see in while wearing the helmet, yet you can easily see out. There are built in cooling fans that are designed to be an aesthetic part of the helmet. This is one of the most impressive parts of the suit that everyone seems to focus on and will make an instant conversation piece if displayed. The fans are designed to be powered by a battery pack that can snap onto your belt.


Upper Body: This option is featured in the images and includes the helmet, shoulder pads, chest control box, and belt boxes. All parts are wearable and are required to be wired together to have the belt lights and sound FX working. This option features 3 separate computers to control the lights, sound FX, and built in voice changer. The whole system is powered by the same battery cells that are used in Tesla cars making the suit power last all day without issues.

The shoulder pads are expandable making it easy to pull over your head. The center control box features 10 buttons that all work to control various sound FX including: breathing sounds, music, warnings, famous movie lines, and conversation voices. The lights are set to randomly change and pulse making the suit look as real as you can get.


Full Suit: This is the king of all costumes and will require you to send measurements of your full body. This choice includes everything in the Upper Body selection plus the under suit, cape, cod piece, and boots. Ordering the full suit will take quite some time to make so please be aware that it may take up to 3 months to complete your order.


3D Files Only: This is where you get to put together one of the most epic model projects. You will receive all of the necessary .STL files to print and build the entire suit yourself. Currently the instruction set is not complete, but the files are labeled very clearly for you to easily find and print what you need. Be prepared to buy at least 6KG (13 pounds) of plastic, and I recommend PETG for strength and no warping.

By purchasing the 3D files you acknowledge the rights and responsibilities held to those files under copyright law and will not share, alter, copy, change, or sell the files without the direct consent of the copyright owner (me).


If you have any questions you can contact me here: proteanman1@gmail.com

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