3D Printing - Core Service

3D Printing - Core Service


Why not have someone who designs actual 3D printers print your objects?

Components, Prototyping, Designs, Art, Anything!

Do you need something 3D Printed? Maybe there's a piece of art that you have always wanted but can't afford. I am the man to do this for you.

My printers are custom made and can print larger objects than most printers on the market. I can slice your object into smaller sections giving you the ability to just glue it together later in full size. There is almost no limit to the size of your object.

Fill out the purchase form to get a quote. If you have a link to the .stl file please provide that in the form.

If you don't know where to find the .stl files you can either have someone create it for you with 3D software or go to one of these websites where people upload there files for you to download for free! All but one of the objects you see here were printed from one of these websites. You can search for anything you would like and it has a good chance of being there. "Scan the World" on MyMiniFactory has 3D scanned famous art.

Thingiverse.com   |   MyMiniFactory.com   |   Youmagine.com



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