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Proteus Key Holder

This is my most popular design to date and is one of the most downloaded 3D printing design in the world. It’s simple, elegant, customizable, and makes your life a little simpler. The Proteus Key Holder is used by thousands of people and that is an extremely conservative estimate. You can download it for free and print it anywhere in the world without extra fees or taxes. All of these things are why I love 3D printing and why I give many of my designs away for free; because the future of manufacturing only includes the consumer.

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Darth Vader

This is my biggest and most complex design to date. Starting in early 2018 I started to design a better helmet than my previous Vader helmet project; which was a 3D scan and model from another person. The helmet design grew into countless changes and redesigns until I had the full suit 3D modelled on my computer. In the summer of 2018 I started printing the helmet and other major parts of the suit, which also sent me back to the drawing board for resizing and restructuring the designs until they were wearable and comfortable. Then came the intricate details that number in the hundreds of tiny 3D printed parts which make the suit look more lifelike than any movie prop achieves. I have been printing and building the suit since the fall of 2018 and am more than excited to be finished the majority of the designing and testing work. I say majority because anyone that creates something of their own knows that there are always things to change and adapt as time moves forward. The electronics, sound FX, lighting, cooling system, and voice changer are all my own build and will also adapt as better technology is available.

You can buy the helmet, upper torso, or full suit from my store. These are in very limited quantities considering that I make the entire thing on my own and by hand.

The 3D files for Darth Vader will not be available to the public. You can purchase the files from me if you are adventurous enough to make one yourself.


Vancouver 3D Topographical Map

This design is quite simple but took some rigging of satellite data to achieve. We have all seen 3D maps that show mountains and valleys, but these are typically hand made and very expensive. Now you can get your own map of “technically” anywhere in the world and I am willing to make it for you. This is a map of Vancouver that accurate to true geographical sizing, and not what you see on most maps. I explain the concept of map scaling in my Download Design page.

A 3D map makes for amazing wall art and is even more helpful in the classroom.


Mean as Hell Dog Helmet

My dog has the attitude of a grumpy old man so for Halloween I made her into the devil. I’m sure you can guess how much she loved it.

She’s still not talking to me.

This design is free to download and you can rescale it to your own dogs head. If you have a short snouted dog it may not work for you considering that there are many very different facial structures of dogs (thank you artificial selection). In the design package there is a sizing tester that you will print and re-print until it fits nicely around your dogs head.

Paint it, add a strap, and you now have a devil dog that they will hate you for.


Minimalist Birdhouse and Feeder

A wonderfully simple design that has a secret attic for birds to hide in form predators. The design is meant to fit on a bamboo post or any other post that has a specific diameter. Within the design package there are different post diameter files because not all posts are born equal.

This makes for a beautiful and clean birdhouse with a feeder that you can mount below.


Guitar and Ukulele Wall Mount

It’s clean and simple which makes any music enthusiast happy when displaying their instruments. Using stronger plastic and high infill, this mount will last a lifetime while keeping your guitars and ukuleles off of the ground.


Proteus Microphone Stand

Dual use microphone stand that can act as a table top stand or a wall mounted microphone holder. This design is sleek and futuristic with a snap in fitted spot for most microphones. The sizing is best used with a Shure SM-58 and can also fit almost any other microphone of that similar design.


Expandable LED Light Panel

This design is the LEGO of LED light panels. Follow the instructions in the 3D file package and print as many sections as you need to make your light panel. Stick your LED light strips to the assembled panel and then solder them together to create your custom sized work light.

Currently working on a snap together and continuously changeable version.


Proteus River Racers

A fun toy for kids of all ages. Easily printable, these boats come with 3 types, and each has their own unique hull and style. Print them, paint them, then let them race down a river near you.


Proteus Solder Station

One of the most handy tools for anyone that does fine soldering work, the multi-armed support, built in fume fan, and accessory trays are a must have. Easily printable and assembled, this solder station can be anything you need at all times.


Proteus Cable Wheel

Meant to be a money saver, the cable wheel puts frustration of wrapping cords neatly on the backburner. If you use extension cords or even microphone and patch cords, then you know the tangles and warps that make your cord life hell. This is designed to be either portable or bolted beside your favourite amplifier. Two versions that make your cable cord life wonderful.

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