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How can you contact me?

this is it... 


I accept Blockchain

You can send to any of these blockchain addresses. Just make sure you copy the correct one per each coin.

If you do send something send me an email, I'll give you a shout out on the VLOG!


Bitcoin (BTC): 1D663aDxHX3qj4PTSZnooVArR4Fyee6oQR
Ethereum (ETH): 0xd244ab685c97de6769c62de6dac1930f9dd00069
Litecoin (LTC): LKZe6AL8KTg3a86hJrsxTEaKiVAWJLCXT6
Dash (DSH): XyAiuU7inv8GXrZHajWKgx9dhrUq9Nwurx
Iconomi (ICN): 0xd244ab685c97de6769c62de6dac1930f9dd00069
Golem (GNT): 0xd244ab685c97de6769c62de6dac1930f9dd00069
Ethereum Classic (ETC): 0xee25983a830ecaaede36e7deace93c85871b3d43
Doge (DOGE): DAcWy79gocksZs9eAUkpVDXga12viSYtX2
Library (LBC): bHQkFHhnD8mZKSHJiVxdZBzjZmr2okimLu
Augur (REP): 0xd244ab685c97de6769c62de6dac1930f9dd00069


If you use any other blockchains let me know!


Donate the old fasioned way

For Blockchain addresses go to CONTACTS